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Use this easy stitch to give a neat outline and add details
Step 2
WORK your backstitch using a sharp
needle, once you’ve f inbhed the его»
stitch. To secure your thread, weave it
through the back of your stitches, then
bring your need о up to the surface.
WORK your backstitch over about 1-3
chart squares at a ome. making sure to
duM^y folkiw Ihe chart. Any long** and
your stitches could end up becomrg
loose and pulling out
FOR each additional sntch. bring your
needle up 1-3 chart squares away ‘rom
your previous stitch. Then pass it back
through the fabric at the same point as
you previous stitch.
A simple way to get started stitching
Stepl I Step2
KNOT one end of your IhrenJ л1к! Inke
it down through the front of your fabric,
about 2cm from your starting point
Then bring it back up to the front of
your fabric to make your f rst sMch.
REOIN etching your design, making
sure youte stitching over your starting
thread with each stitch. You can work
whole stitches or work hall s«che* th»n
come back on yourself.
ONCE you’re happy tfet your starting
thread is secure, snip ol I the knot To
secure your thread when you’ve
finished stitching, weave it through the
back of your stitches as shown hero.
This easy start to your cross stitch is brilliantly neat
IF YOU’RE working n two strands, a
loop krot s the easiest and neatest
method Cutasngleiengthofth-eod.
twice as long as normal. Fold it in half
to creale a I coo at one end.
Step г
THREAD yocrneeole with the two tail
ends, just as you normally woud Bring
your needle up к> the front of your
fabric, leaving a small loop of thread
on the reverse
MAKE в half cross stitch, pass ng your
: needle through the loop on the reverse
■ as shown here. Pull all the way to secure
:  th<t thread Wow cont nuo with your
1 stitching as normal.